dufferin county law association

The Dufferin County Law Association (DCLA) is a voluntary association of lawyers, practising law in the County of Dufferin. An Ontario non-profit corporation, the DCLA has about 55 members with offices mainly in Orangeville and Shelburne as well as a few in the Region of Peel. With funding from membership fees and various grants, the DCLA operates and maintains the Law Association and Library, located in the Orangeville Courthouse.

Membership in the DCLA is limited to lawyers who are members-in-good-standing of the Law Society of Ontario, who practise law or live in the County of Dufferin, and who pay their annual membership fee. We invite interested lawyers to join the DCLA and benefit from the services we provide.

The lawyers of Dufferin County are proud to provide professional and competent services to all members of the Public. The DCLA provides assistance in finding a lawyer in Dufferin County by listing our members, searchable by name and area of practice. Please note that our library is not open to the Public. DCLA staff do not offer legal advice or recommend a lawyer.

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Membership is offered to lawyers in good standing with the Law Society of Ontario who have either a place of business or a residence located in the County of Dufferin or who provide services to clients in the Orangeville courthouse. Membership is also offered to articling students in the employment of any lawyer who is a member of the DCLA. Membership in the Dufferin County Law Association provides many benefits that will enhance your practice of law. Please complete and return the membership form if you would like to join the DCLA.


Networking opportunities with
members of the legal community
in Dufferin County.


Member rates for various
CPD programs offered through
LSO and other providers.


Inclusion in the
Lawyers' Directory


After-hour access
to the DCLA library with 
an access card.